IBOC 2019 March 28th – April 1st, 2019, EILAT ISRAEL

Conference coordinator - Dr. Jessica Schäckermann, Eco Way Consultancy

Format of Abstracts

The IBOC 2019 will focus on the roles of bird observatories and similar institutions in (1) research, (2) environmental monitoring and (3) conservation projects, as well as (4) awareness building and outreach to the public.

When submitting your abstract please let us know under which of these topics you would like to give your presentation. In case you don’t find one of the mentioned topics suitable for your presentation/poster please indicate “other” and suggest a suitable topic of your choice (e.g. “fundraising” or “sustainability”) to help us assign your talk or poster.

  • Full name, mailing and email address for the presenting author.

  • Topic area (e.g. Research and Monitoring, Outreach and Education, Conservation Applications, Organization Capacity-building and Sustainability)

  • Presentation type (Oral, Lightning, Poster)

  • Abstract, formatted as in the sample submission shown below.

  • Use 12-point Times New Roman font throughout.

  • If all authors have the same affiliation, no numbers are needed.

  • Use an asterisk to indicate the author who will present.  

  • Abbreviate affiliation to organization and geographic location (state/province for North American locations; nearest city and country for others).

  • Body of abstract must not exceed 250 words.  Include key conclusions for the benefit of people who cannot attend your presentation.

You can download a sample submission here.

How to Submit

please submit your abstract per email to: iboc.eilat2019@gmail.com. In the subject line indicate Abstract submission.

Submit by the 15.12.2018. You will receive an answer by the 31.01.2019


​A limited number of scholarships are available for those who having financial difficulties joining  the conference. Please read below to determine your eligibility.
You can apply for a scholarship with the submission of your abstract for a talk or poster. Scholarships are limited to those presenting a talk or poster. Please make sure to submit your abstract for a poster or talk presentation with your scholarship application.

You are eligible to apply for a scholarship if:

  • Your participation and presentation are relevant to the conference.

  • You come from a priority region (Middle East, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, south and Central America).

  • There is no other financial way for you to attend the conference.


To be considered for a  scholarship, please fill the application (press here) and send it to us at iboc.eilat2019@gmail.com.

The deadline for scholarship applications is the 15.11.2018.